Unisex Fashion Reflecting the Values of the European Union during the Spanish Presidency 

Post on 31 de August de 2023.

Innovation is at the heart of the Spanish Presidency in the Council of the European Union, and its institutional gift reflects this bold mindset. Instead of conventional gifts, they have created a unisex and sustainable fashion piece that encapsulates the values of the European Union and the diversity of its member states.

This unique scarf, designed by a firm of the Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España (Spanish Association of Fashion Creators), sets a new standard. With vibrant polka dots on a serene blue background, it’s a masterpiece from Reliquiae. Reliquiae, part of the Asturias Fashion project and winner of the 2018 National Fashion Award in the Accessories category, is a firm synonymous with creativity and excellence.

Héctor Jareño, the visionary Asturian designer and mastermind behind Reliquiae, has attributed deep meaning to the polka dots in this design. Polka dots, known locally as “topos” or “moles” in English, are iconic features of Spanish fashion that have transcended borders, thanks to internationally renowned designers like Balenciaga or Pertegaz.

These polka dots are not only a symbol of style, but also of unity and diversity. Each colour represents a different background, and together they form a cohesive community. In the centre of the scarf, the polka dots are densely populated, symbolising the cohesion and unification of values in the European Union. As we move towards the ends, the density decreases, representing the role of the European Union in promoting shared values.

The choice of randomly mixed, diversified colours reflects the cultural wealth that enriches the Union. As a unisex accessory, this scarf embraces equality, a value promoted by the European Union. In addition, the choice of materials, such as organic cotton and vegetable fibres, emphasises sustainability, a key commitment of the 27 member states.

This fashion item transcends trend to become a poignant symbol of unity in diversity, a vision driven by the Spanish Presidency that will resonate far beyond its term in the Council of the European Union.