AlexÁnima: the new collection by Virginia Abzueta 

AlexÁnima: la nueva colección de Virginia Abzueta

Post on 23 de April de 2024.

When we talk about Virginia Abzueta we are talking about much more than fashion; it is a lifestyle, it is a philosophy, it is being and feeling like a woman with a capital W.

Fashion is a tool to empower femininity, to enhance the essence of each woman, managing to go beyond the barriers of the garments to achieve true authenticity.  With this aim in mind, Virginia Abzueta has spent a lifetime devoting heart, body and soul to sewing, design and the creation of garments as unique and special as the women who wear her creations.

The haute couture designer has just launched her latest collection, “AlexÁnima”, born from Alexandra’s heart, fusing her name with the strength of her noble soul.

Each piece in this collection is a reflection of its essence, a story of strength and beauty. Soft tones and undulating shapes invite you on an intimate journey, where every handcrafted detail is a reminder of our shared roots. An invitation to connect with your own inner strength, to embrace vulnerability as a strength and to discover beauty in the simplicity of each moment.

For Virginia Abzueta, each thread, each brushstroke of inspiration is like a whisper from the universe, telling stories of life, love and passion. For her, fashion is art, which is why you will only find haute couture designs in her online shop. 

Model: @menbaizan 

Photographer: @veronicalavianafotografia 

Makeup & hair: @diosalexandramua