5 empresas del sector de la moda asturiano en Prémier Vision Paris

Post on 25 de May de 2021.

This is the first initiative of the new Asturian Fashion Brands International Promotion Plan launched by ASTUREX in 2020.

ASTUREX organised the first visit of 5 Asturian fashion companies to the Prémiere Vision Paris fair, held from 11 to 13 February. It is a fashion show in the French capital that brings together the prestigious events PremiereVision Leather, PremiereVision Yarns, PremiereVision Fabrics, PremiereVision Designs, PremiereVision Accesories and PremiereVision Manufacturing.

The Asturian firms Cuerokas, Imiloa, Remendaes, The factory studio and COCO 50 had the opportunity to attend this important trade fair, which brings together companies and designers from across the fashion industry (footwear, leather goods, clothing, tapestry, accessories, etc.) twice a year and to evaluate their future participation as exhibitors.

As well as being a great showcase for almost 2,000 exhibitors, Prémiere Vision Paris hosts specialised conferences on innovation in the sector, seminars on fashion and brand development, sustainable technology applied to fashion, etc.

This is the first event to be organised as part of the Asturian fashion brands international promotion plan launched by Asturex in 2020. The plan includes a series of informative, awareness-raising, promotional, advertising and marketing activities as well as actions aimed at distribution channels.