Essential Legal Aspects for the Fashion Sector by Ontier

curso capacitación para la internacionalización Ontier Asturias fashion

Post on 30 de March de 2023.

The first edition of the Asturias Global Fashion internationalisation training programme came to an end on 28 March. At Asturex we had the privilege of working alongside the Fashion & Luxury team at Ontier at the Circus space in Oviedo. 

The theme of the conference was “Essential Legal Aspects for the Fashion Sector” and it was well attended, with more than 30 Asturian fashion brands taking part. 

The training programme was brought to an end on the final day with a presentation given by Yolanda Méndez, head of Asturex for the Fashion Sector Support Plan, and also there on the day were Cristina Fernández, lawyer and head of Fashion and Luxury at ONTIER NORTE, María Jesús Dehesa, partner at ONTIER Fashion & Luxury, and Daniel Gutiérrez, lawyer and director of Innovation and Digital Law, who gave a training session on basic legal aspects to support Asturian fashion companies in their internationalisation process. They stressed the importance of prior advice and preparation as the key to safely transferring goods and services across borders.

The team of lawyers presented different legal strategies to follow in order to grow abroad, both for the European market and for the United States, identifying the necessary steps to establish a company in the country, a presentation given by Marta Corbí, from the Asturian firm in Miami.

The MAMATAYOE brand was also there to share its business expertise. Its CEO, Ignacio Galán, outlined his brand’s international experience and trajectory of over 30 years, explaining its international distribution network and its experience related to the legal aspects that were discussed during the conference. 

At the end of the day, participation certificates for the programme were awarded to the participating brands.