The dress that marked Princess Leonor’s graduation comes from an Asturian firm 

Post on 24 de May de 2023.

20 May 2023 will be remembered as the day on which Princess Leonor of Spain ended her time at UWC Atlantic College. However, what made this event even more special was the choice of her dress: a dazzling fuchsia design by the Asturian firm Apparentia, which is part of our Asturias Fashion project. 

The future Queen of Spain made a significant decision to opt for a Spanish brand, honouring her connection to Asturias. The choice not only highlighted her elegance, but also deeply moved Apparentia, who expressed their pride through social media a day after the event.

Social media went wild with the fuchsia-coloured dinner jacket dress that Leonor wore to her graduation, in a nod to the Barbie phenomenon.  

Apparentia, the firm that royalty sometimes chooses, has left an indelible mark on the history of Princess Leonor, marking not only a royal graduation, but also a milestone for Asturian fashion. This event reflects the growing relevance and prestige of local brands at events of international importance. A royal choice that resonates across the country!