The fashion narrative redesigned: Discover the world of Biblano

Post on 15 de November de 2023.

At Biblano, they challenge conventional fashion norms by fusing traditional craftsmanship with an ethical and sustainable approach. Its motto, “Recovering the techniques of the past to face the future”, is not just a statement; it is a commitment to creation without destroying, thus forging a balanced future.

Each piece they create at Biblano is a masterpiece made to order, there they manufacture exclusively to order. This approach not only avoids surpluses, but also guarantees the uniqueness and exclusivity of each product. They stand for individuality in a world of mass production.

Its designs are made entirely in Asturian workshops, where craftsmanship, ethics and sustainability are fundamental pillars. Biblano was created because of the need to place value on the creative process, which gave rise to conscious and unique collections that highlight the cultural richness of Asturias.

Biblano advocates a sustainable lifestyle on a model of minimal waste and a significant reduction in environmental footprint. They use sustainable natural materials from cultivation or, failing that, recycled materials. This ethical commitment is reflected in every thread and seam of their garments.

Biblano embraces timelessness with minimalist patterns of pure lines, oversized, casual and free and easy styles. Its neutral colour ranges use and mix the natural colours of raw materials, creating balance and harmony with a low environmental impact. Its main standard bearers are linen, wool, hemp and ceramics, which take the leading roles in the creation of each garment.