ULTRAMMAR: Where tradition meets the avant-garde in every thread

Post on 24 de October de 2023.

Discover the unique universe of ULTRAMMAR, a brand that fuses art, travel, cultural mixing, craftsmanship and history to create timeless and exclusive garments. Founded in 2022, this fashion house immerses us in a world where beauty is intertwined with tradition, respect for people and nature.

María Martín, the creator of ULTRAMMAR, shares her personal story, rooted in Asturias and marked by emigration. Ultramar, the origin of precious objects, inspires every piece in the collection, from tablecloths to perfumes, carrying with it the essence of family history.

Every ULTRAMMAR garment is a unique piece of jewellery. Limited editions, unique and unrepeatable fabrics, and a personalised colour palette bring handmade pieces to life, guaranteeing exclusivity, quality and attention to detail. The clothes are timeless and vintage, but also modern. They are the expression of a feeling, not just of fashion. Designed for confident women, these pieces seek to be remembered because of their wearer, not just because of the clothes they wear.

For ULTRAMMAR, sustainability is not a choice, it is a commitment. Artisanal production in Spain, pre-ordering to minimise waste and collaborations with local suppliers demonstrate a strong mission to create high quality and sustainable products.

ULTRAMMAR’s collections, made in Italian silks and satins, linens and organic cottons, are inspired by cultural mixing and history. “The 60’s” pays tribute to iconic designers of that era, such as Cristóbal Balenciaga, Pedro Rovira and Manuel Pertegaz, marking a journey through fashion that goes beyond ephemeral trends.