5 Asturian fashion companies attend the Modtissimo Fair in Portugal

Post on 26 de September de 2023.

Asturian fashion crosses borders with elegance and sustainability. At the forefront of this movement are seven Asturian brands, which, under the organisation of Asturex, embarked on an exciting visit to the Modtissimo trade fair in Portugal on 13 and 14 September.

In the context of the trade mission to the north of Portugal from 11 to 15 September 2023, Asturex has orchestrated the participation in Modtissimo of some of the brands included in the Asturias Fashion project, such as: APPARENTIA, DOGGIO, LIMO, LON&BOC, INTEGRAL THERMAL SHIELD, S.L., MOOQUER and EUROFINS ENVIRA ECOGESTOR at Modtissimo. The objective was clear: to explore the latest trends, establish strategic connections and foster business relationships in the fashion industry.

Each of these brands represents the essence of Asturias, with designs handmade in local workshops, embracing ethics and sustainability. Asturex designed customised agendas for each participating company, creating a specific roadmap to enhance their business interests and goals.

Asturias Fashion, within Asturex, has a clear vision: to put Asturias on the map as a fashion producing region in the Portuguese market. The Modtissimo trade fair, considered the oldest in the Iberian Peninsula and the only one in Portugal for the textile and clothing industry, becomes every year the strategic scenario to achieve this goal.

The Asturex agenda included an institutional meeting with ATP Associação Têxtil e Vestuário de Portugal, the largest representative organisation of the Portuguese textile and clothing sector. Business opportunities were presented, the potential of Asturian companies was highlighted and B2B meetings were held between Asturian companies and ATP partners.

In recent years, Portugal has become the preferred partner of the Spanish fashion industry. With its industry accounting for 18% of the country’s total and 9% of its exports, it offers significant opportunities for collaboration. Geographical proximity, cultural affinity and similar consumer habits make Portugal a strategic first step for the internationalisation of fashion brands.

Of the more than fifty fashion brands that are part of the Asturias Fashion project, the following visited the fair: Apparentia, Limo, Con & Boc and Mooquer. 

The journey of these Asturian brands to Modtissimo is just one more step in Asturex’s vision of positioning Asturias as a benchmark in sustainable and ethical fashion. Through these initiatives, Asturex promotes the recognition of Asturias as a centre of innovation and quality in the fashion industry at an international level.