Asturias receives the organizations and companies participating in the fashion industry´s european “Sewing a chain” project

Virtual Meeting

Post on 25 de October de 2021.

With Asturex’s support, seven Asturian designers are networking under the European project, whose goal is to foster international cooperation among Spain, Ukraine and Italy in the realms of sustainability, digital transition and business expansion.

Cooperation for sustainable economic development, digital transition and business expansion in the fashion industry are the goals of the European project ‘Sewing a Chain between Ukraine, Spain and Italy’, which is being funded by EUROCHAMBRES’s EU4Business initiative. Sociedad de Promoción Exterior Principado de Asturias, S.A. (Asturex), is participating in the project together with other European fashion associations. Spain is the project’s headliner this week, which kicked off with a workshop on the fashion industry in Asturias.

The job of presenting the region and the Asturian fashion industry went to the CEO of Asturex, Teresa Vigón, who highlighted the regional industry’s commitment to tradition, innovation and quality. The Asturian fashion industry, she explained, is ‘made up of some fifty fashion and accessory companies, which we support through a complete plan of networking, awareness-building and training actions focused on internationalising the industry’.

Also at the workshop in Asturias was Teresa Laso, president of the Asturias Design and Fashion Association (Asociación de Diseño y Moda de Asturias, ADYMO). The event included a virtual tour of the Asturian firms Reliquiae España and Imiloa, which are participating in the project along with Dolmen Sukan, Nael Swimwear, El Saco de Pingüino, YES50 and Cyrana Furs.

Seven Ukrainian companies are participating alongside the Asturian firms in the networking and coaching sessions that have been going on since July with the goal of extending cooperation, whether by generating commercial agreements or by exchanging know-how, with the focus always firmly set on the project’s three main topics: sustainability, digitalisation and marketing.

Meetings are already being held among the organisations and companies participating in this project, and sustainability and digitalisation coaching sessions are on offer featuring experts in the subject.

At the end of the five-month project, participating companies that are interested will band together into a working group for a continuing team effort in pursuit of sustainability in the fashion world.

The firms will also hold meetings focusing on forging ties for future partnerships and sharing knowledge of different markets, for stronger internationalisation.